Malaga – Costa del Sol

The name Sunny Coast does come for a reason. During spring (March, April and May) typically you will get maxium 4 rainy days a month and an average temperature of 20 to 25 degrees during the day. In June, July and August rainy weather is almost none existent.

The temperature during summer is around 30 degrees with beautyful nights and evenings at 20 degrees. Even in September and October you will find temperatures at the right side of 20 degrees – normally around 24 degrees or more. All in all the perfect place for golfing as well as a beach holiday.

Golf info

Costa del Sol is a mecca for golfers.

You will find golf courses for all likings and price levels. Several of the golf courses have offers depending on the time of day you want to play.

Brian Nielsen Golf offers very good deals with several golf clubs, so we are pleased to recommend them for you for your golf bookings.

Contact dato to be found on this link:

Map with and overview and info about the golf clubs at Costa del Sol:

Nearby towns

The closest bigger town is Malaga with ample opportunities for shopping and cultural experiences. Also you will find nice bars, restaurants and gorgeous tapas servings. We recommend a guided tour in Malaga on Segway, which is offered at the recently build new waterfront – also absolutely worth a visit. Read more about offers and opportunities at

In addition to Malaga you will find several nice villages as well in the country side as along the water. Along the water, only 15 minutes drive from the apartments you will find Fuengirola. A cosy village with a beatyful square in the town centre hosting nice bars and cafés to be visited after a nice dinner at ex Casa Roberto Restaurant, which has more that 5.000 golf clubs hanging from the ceiling. To book reservation, please dial +34 952 465 809 or +34 615 946 599. Opening hours are from 18:30. Sunday closed.

Also worth mentioning is Marbella and Puerto Banus. The latter of the two is the Costa del

Sols equivalent to Sant Tropetz in South of France with massive yachts and shops with all the luxurious brands lying like beads on a string at the habour.

In the countryside you will find Mijas around half an hour drive from the apartments. This village is also called “the white village”, which is very obvious when you observe all the white townhouses in the mountain side. Another carachteristic of Mijas is the large amount of donkeys used for turist rides in and around the village.

Last but not least the village Ronda is definately worth a visit. It is situated approximately one hour drive up the mountain from the apartments. The village is one of the oldest in the country. It is quite large and has the oldest bufighter arenas in Spain together with a view to a 120 meter steep ravine “El Tajo”, which devides the town into two. The older quarter built by Moors ”La Ciudad” and the younger ”El Mercadillo”. Across the ravine you find three very beautiful , antique bridges. And from one of the – the ”Puente Nuevo” the view of the steep ravine is magnificent. Absolutly worth the drive.

Car rental

In Malaga you will find a wide range of car rental companies. Please find below a selection of links to check options and prices: